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"Why do I need an editor?"

Friends will tell you your project is great.

Co-workers will say it's good enough. Your mother

will tell you that you are the next Pulitzer Prize

winner. But can you really be sure?

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are givens.

There's so much more to having clear, concise messaging

that is readable and targeted. Hiring an editor is like

having a pair of professionally trained eyes on your

project before your customers, readers, boss, publisher,

or audience sees the final draft.

"But it costs too much."

It all depends on the value and importance you place on your project. If you feel it's good enough, then great! Send it off, publish it, or print it without another care. But if there's a little voice that is nagging you or a shred of doubt in your mind, then a little reassurance is worth it.

"I can do it all myself."

Many times you can. Sometimes, it is good to have some help, especially when you are busy with lots of items on your plate. Your editor will make sure your project is up to snuff so that it is one last thing you have to worry about.

"An editor is just one more person I have to deal with."

An editor is there to offer guidance and support throughout the process, so that your questions are answered. Think of yourself as the star player, and an editor is your coach, support staff, and pep squad rolled into one.

"An editor will want to change what I want to say."

An editor will make sure your writing is consistent and clear, and what’s more, correct and compelling. In other words, an editor is a person who shares your creative journey with you.

A careful listener who sees the 30,000 foot view, I strive to build a rapport with you so your project accurately reflects your vision and voice. I enjoy collaborating with clients towards a finished project. I especially enjoy working with small business owners and guiding new authors through the self-publishing process.

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                                                                         - Marlene Martzke

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