Editing, Writing, and Design 

1LoneCrow Media

Line Editing - Correct your content for sequencing, continuity, logic, flow, and more.

Copy Editing - Check and correct your draft for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and typos.

Manuscript Review - Critique and provide feedback on readability, appeal, and overall impression of your manuscript.

Writing Instruction - Offer you assistance on College Entrance Essays, SAT Essays, Theses, and other academic writing.

Publishing - Offer you step-by-step guidance for self-publishing from rough draft to finalizing manuscript for publication.

For Business

“Our initial reservation was what we think about when we use any consultant:  “Can we do this well-enough ourselves?  Can we make the time to even try?”  We would still be thinking about getting it done. 1LoneCrow set our expectations on the time for this project and then worked hard to get it done sooner than we expected. I would say that 1LoneCrow provides good copy ideas, meets your communication goals, and offers this at a fair price.”
                                                     - Kim and Bryan Karrick, Owners of Scratch Distillery

How can we help you? 1Lone Crow Media provides quality editorial, writing, and design services for business and individuals at affordable rates. Let's discuss your project. 

​Copy Editing - Check and correct your content for a polished, professional appearance.

Proofreading - Provide fact checking, proofing, and final review before you publish.

Writing -  Create content for your marketing media, articles, websites, newsletters, blogs, white papers, and reports.

Design - Produce marketing collateral for you including flyers, brochures, sell sheets, banners, and product descriptions.

Multi-Media Projects - Develop your interpretive signage content, video scripts, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, educational media, and emergency action plans.

Website Creation - Build new webpages or revise old ones for you.

"I found your editor marks and comments very easy to follow, and all of your other suggestions have been right on. Thanks again for the great, thorough, and diligent work you have done on my manuscript. I have a lot of work yet to do, but you have made it so that I actually look forward to it once I get done with my day job."

- Ephriam Bahr,

Author of All Around the Mulberry Bush

For Individuals

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